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  1. Application of formaldehyde

  Formaldehyde is limited in textile and cloth, it is mostly used to manufacture of resins and as a chemical intermediate, to Enhance adhesion and durability of auxiliaries of textile, include resin finishing agent, fixative, softening agent, waterproofing agents, adhesives and so on. Formaldehyde used widely as a cross-linking agent in pure or blended textile product (include part silk product) for resin finishing of cellulose fibers.

  2. Effects on the human body of formaldehyde

  Formaldehyde is a hazardous substances, it is harmful to biological cell protoplasts, it can be combined with in vivo protein, change protein structure and coagulation protein. Formaldehyde can cause strong irritation to respiratory tract and skin, and cause respiratory tract inflammation and dermatitis. Long-term exposure may lead to breathing difficulties, eczema and sensitive, and may even induce cancer seriously.

  3. Requirement

  In wear and use of textiles which contain formaldehyde, free formaldehyde may release because of some not cross-linked or hydrolysis, and cause damage to human heath. So more and more directives and regulations issued to limit formaldehyde.

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